On Site Proof Of Concept

We cater to integrating cutting or bleeding edge technologies into your simulated production  NX-OS environment and documenting integration points to develop your implementation steps for a successful migration and/or upgrade strategy.  Our cabinet location is conveniently located at Omnis Network Colocation facilities in Tempe, Arizona.

Off Site Proof of Concept

With technical requirements defined, we work at duplicating your production environment and collaborating with your vendors to ensure brand new build or integrating simulated environment with new build is configured based on Industry best practices and validated reference design architecture.

Integration & Inter operability Validation

We provide integration and inter operability validation by doing hands on configuration and implementation.  Based on results we incorporate as part of our deliverables a set of visio documentation, benchmarking results, and configuration code snippets for reusability as standards based templated documentation.

MOP Peer Review Validation

Core NX-OS prides itself with a vast network of CCIE professionals who are active members or advisors to our virtual bench of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  We extend to our customers our internal Peer Review process to review configuration for implementation, tune implementation MOPs and test plan documentation as required. Your trusted advisors are well equipped and versed in providing project plan input as well as working with project management team to set realistic timelines in regards to the flow of deliverables, task lists, dependencies, and minor/major milestones.